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Bruce saw a new opportunity. Many manufactured home companies were beginning to market homes in our area. The advantages of manufactured homes were readily apparent. The customer could see an example of what he or she was purchasing. The home and the foundation/basement could be erected at the same time, saving the customer a lot of time. Savings in labor costs by building in a central location could be passed on to the customer.
The disadvantages of these homes were also apparent. Often they were manufactured in two pieces and had to be assembled once they arrived on site. The roofs were usually very low and had only 12" overhangs, in other words lacking in character. The manufacturers seemed to be building to meet a price point to compete with each other rather than building quality homes. As a result many of those homes were rather low quality.
Enter Bruce Jellema. He saw a way that he could build ready built homes using the same high quality materials and craftsmanship that went into his custom homes. Jellema Ready Built Homes was born. He uses only the highest quality materials and the people building them are the same people that build his customer homes. The customer is involved from the very beginning of the process by having input into the design and layout of the finished product.
Bruce then sought out other local craftsman who thought like he did. Our plumber and electrician are both licensed in their respective trades and have many years of experience. Our interior finishers (staining & painting) have likewise been in business many years. We can also help you find a highly qualified house mover to safely transport your new house and deliver it to your building site. The result is an extremely well built custom ready built home. Many of the advantages of a manufactured home are available without sacrificing quality. We try to keep a model home in progress available for our customers to see, however our model homes are often sold before they can be completed. We can task two crews to one project by starting the basement/foundation while the house is still being built, saving a lot of time. Labor costs are lower because the building site is right next door.

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