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Bruce Jellema had a dream. After working for several different construction companies he decided "I can do this better". In 1977 he started a company , at that time, called Quality construction. As years went on and his company grew it became necessary, for many reasons, to incorporate his company and he did so under the name of Jellema Construction, Inc.
Over the last thirty plus year, Jellema Construction has grown to employ twenty to twenty-five full time employees as well as extra seasonal help. In addition to being a full service construction company, he offers computerized planning and design services. Bruce still personally inspects each and every job to see that the craftsmanship meets his standards.
In 2004 Jellema Constructin was chosen by Mid-America Energy as their "Contractor of the Year." This award is given after Mid-Amerca inspects all of the homes by a built contractor in a particular year, and finds that they are 30% more energy efficient than building code requirements.
Today, Jellema construction has the ability, equipment and manpower to take on almose any construction project from residential or comercial to large concrete projects. The reason the company continures to be successful is Bruce's uncompromising commitment to quality. After all "We can do this better."


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